Vice-Rector for Research

Vice-Rector for Research
Professor dr hab. inż. Tomasz Okruszko

Tomasz Okruszko was born on March 18, 1961 in Warsaw.

In 1992, he obtained the doctoral degree in engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, and in 2005, the postdoctoral degree (habilitation) in the field of agricultural sciences. In 2016, he obtained the title of professor in the field of technical sciences.

He had academic experience in institutions abroad during research internships, among others: in 1991-1992 at Free University Brussels and during 28 trips to research centers in Europe, the USA, South America, Africa and Australia.

Academic interests of Professor Okruszko focus on the issues of hydrology and water management. Hydrological issues mainly concern the role of the water factor in the protection or restitution of wetlands, while in water management he examines the possibility of using hydrological models in water-management planning.

Professor Okruszko is the author or co-author of over 150 scientific papers, including 57 indexed in the Web of Science database. He was a member of an international team which, based on research conducted for 8 years in Europe and Asia, explained in the publication in Nature (2013) the reasons for the decline in species richness as a result of changes in ecosystem trophies, pointing to the role of plant adaptation to phosphorus deficiency. Together with soil scientists and phytosociologists, he created a methodology for dealing with degraded wetlands, consistent and recognized by practitioners. The proposed method of restitution is being implemented in large areas in three national parks (Biebrzański, Kampinoski and "Ujście Warty").

He was the supervisor of 7 doctoral dissertations, including 2 defended in institutions abroad, and 3 dissertations that were distinguished. He is a member of the international doctoral committee in 6 completed and 2 open doctoral programs (the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania). He was also a supervisor in the "honoris causa" doctorate at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Since 2006, he has been a visiting professor at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Antwerp.

He is the chairman of the Central and Eastern Europe Global Water Partnership - a global non-governmental organization implementing integrated water resources management and a member of the editorial boards of the Hydrological Sciences Journal and Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology. He chairs the Water Management Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a member of the Advisory Team to the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences on the climate crisis. He was a member in the scientific councils of four national parks (Biebrzański, Narwiański, Słowiński and Kampinoski). In BNP, he was the chairman of the Council (two terms). He was or is a member of the scientific councils of IGF PAN and IMGiW PiB.

Professor Okruszko is very active in terms of academic projects -  he has been a team leader of the Polish team in in 3 EU framework projects, in 8 NCN grants (KBN) a principal investigator or main co-investigator, in 3 projects of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism – a coordinator or a team leader. Currently, as a team leader or principal investigator, he is carrying out the following projects: LIFE, INTERREG, BONUS and OPUS.

He was repeatedly awarded for his academic activity, i.a. with the 2nd degree award of the Minister of Science for his habilitation thesis "Hydrological criteria in the protection of wetlands". He has received thirteen awards from the Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences for research and organizational activity. He spoke at 28 international conferences or seminars, eight of which were invited lectures or keynote lectures.

Knowledge of foreign languages: English, German and Russian.

He is married and has four children.