Vice-Rector for Didactics

Vice-Rector for Didactics
Professor dr hab. Kazimierz Tomala

Kazimierz Tomala born on 1st January 1956 in Prusy in the Warka vicinity. He graduated from a technical high school of horticulture in Sochaczew in 1975. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (1980), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1987), has a postdoctoral habiliation degree in agricultural sciences in the field of horticulture - pomology (1996), a Professor of agricultural sciences (2001). Since 1st April 1981 he has worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, since 2008 as a full professor in the Department of Horticulture (now the Division of Pomology).

Scientific internships: 1984– University of British Columbia and Research Station – Summerland, Canada (A.S. Dekaban Foundation scholar), 1987–1989 – Michigan State University, USA, 1999  – Universidad de TALCA, Chile, 2001  – Jilin University, China.

Since the beginning of his research career, professor Tomala has worked on the topics of fruit quality and storability, including: methods for determining the harvest maturity, enrichment in calcium, dwarfing the growth of apple trees, the use of gibberellins, blocking ethylene receptors and storage in CA and ULO conditions, most recently in a dynamically controlled atmosphere. Professor Tomala's  scientific and dissemination work is devoted to this subject matter. His work consists of  470 publications, including 77 creative works, 62 chapters in monographs, 104 communications, 5 books, 2 instructions for implementation, 213 works of popular science, 7 expert evaluations. He has given over 150 lectures for fruit-growers and over 35 radio and TV interviews. He has led six research projects funded by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (KBN), project funded from the 5th Framework Programme of the European Union, three projects ordered by foreign entities and 9 projects ordered by representatives of foreign entities.

Professor Tomala teaches numerous courses, including horticulture, fruit storage, the basics of gardening, horticultural commodities, regulating growth and maturation, as well as seminars for Eng. and M.Sc. candidates. He supervised 87 engineering projects, 131 master's theses; 10 Ph.D. Candidates successfully completed their degree programmes, including 1 from Yemen; 2 Ph.D. dissertations are in progress.

Professor Tomala prepared 8 reviews of doctoral dissertations, 24 reviews or opinions in the procedure for granting the postdoctoral habilitation degrees, 14 - for the procedure of awarding the title or employment as a professor, 1 in the procedure of awarding the honorary doctorate, 1 to grant permissions to grant doctoral degrees, 45 reviews of research projects  and 62 of scientific articles.

Some of the significant functions he has held at WULS-SGGW include: mentor of  a student association (1991-1994), Dean for Student Affairs at the Faculty of Horticulture (1994-1999), Dean of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (1999-2005), Head of the Department of Pomology (1997-1999, 2006-2016 ), a member of the Senate Committee for Teaching and Education (1996-1999), as well as its President (2002-2005), a member of the Senate Committee for Finance (2005-2008), a member of the Senate Committee for Academic and Teaching Staff Development (2008 -2012), a member of the Rector's Committee for Tenders (2005-2016), a member of the Board of Interfaculty Commodity Study (2006-2012), Disciplinary Spokesman for Academic Teachers (2012-2016).

Some of the significant  functions he has held outside the Warsaw University of Life Sciences include being a member of the Working Group on Gardening of the Expert Team of Agricultural Sciences at the Ministry of National Education (1996-1998), a member of the Section of Horticulture at the Committee of Scientific Research (P06C, 1997-2000), a member of the Polish Society for Horticultural Science (since 1990), a member of the Editorial Board of Folia Horticulturae (since 2001), a member of the Editorial Board of Acta Agrobotanica (since 2002), a member of the Botanical Society (since 2002), the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Pomology and Floriculture (now the Institute of Horticulture) in Skierniewice (since 2003), Deputy Chairman of KNO PAN (2003-2006) and member of the KNO Academy of Sciences (2007-2015), Scientific Consultant of a practice-oriented monthly journal on horticulture "SAD" (since 2006), a member of the Scientific Board of the gardening section of a journal based at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan - Nauka Przyroda Technologie [Science Environment Technology] (since 2007 r.), a member of the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (2013-2016).

Professor Tomala co-organized 4 international conferences, 19 annual events of the Open Day of  Experimental Orchards in Wilanów (since 1997) and 12 annual events of the International Fair of Fruit Farming Technology FruitPro (since 2005). He organized and equipped with modern research equipment specialized Laboratory of Fruit Physiology and Storage.

Professor Tomala was distinguished with numerous awards by His Magnificence, the Rector of the WULS-SGGW for scientific, educational and organizational activity. He also received the Honorary Badge "For Services to WULS-SGGW", the Golden Cross of Merit and Honorary "Merit for Agriculture."

His hobbies include growing orchids, mushroom picking, movies, music and travel.