Vice-Rector for Development

Vice-Rector for Development
Professor dr hab. Kazimierz Banasik

Kazimierz Banasik has worked at the University of Life Sciences since 1975; since 2006 as a full professor in the Department of Water Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He was born in Wielki Garc in Pomorskie Voivodeship  (former Gdańskie Voivodeship). He graduated from the Faculty of Land Reclamation at the University of Life Sciences in 1975. As an employee of the department, he received the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1983, the postdoctoral habilitation degree in 1995 and in 2002 - the title of Professor of agricultural sciences.

Professional experience in Poland and abroad:

  • Internship (3 semesters) in the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Statistics of WULS-SGGW (1977–1978),
  • Internship (4 months) in  CBSiPBW „Hydroprojekt” in Warsaw (1986–1987),
  • Research and teaching internship (10 months) in the Agricultural Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1997–1998),
  • Twelve short-term internships (research or research and teaching focused) with a total duration of about 18 months, at technical universities in Zurich and Milan and the Universities of Berlin, Kassel, Neubiberg, Exeter, Tokyo and the United States Department of Agriculture (1983-2003),
  • over 80 seminar presentations in research centres abroad and presentations of research results at international academic conferences.

Academic functions held at the university

  • 1998–2005 – Head of the Laboratory of Erosion Processes and Sedimentation,
  • 2001–2012 – Head of the  Division of River Engineering (former Water Engineering),
  • 1999–2002 – Vice-dean for research at the Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Science,
  • 2002–2008 – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Science,
  • 2008–2012 – Rector’s Attorney for International Cooperation,
  • 2012–2016 – Rector’s Attorney for International Research Projects.

Areas of research:

  • monitoring and modeling of rainfall-runoff process in small catchments, flooding and drought, hydrological consequences of climate change,
  • soil erosion, the dynamics of river beds, silting of water reservoirs,
  • nutrients pollution of surface waters in rural areas.

Scientific and didactic achievements:

  • co-author of three handbooks, four monographs and two utility models,
  • over 180 publications, including 30 articles indexed in WoS database
  • leading international research grants (M. Skłodowska-Curie Grant, British Council, COST, EEA, Kora-Net) and didactic grants (Tempus, Erasmus-Socrates), as well as Polish research grants (funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Polish State Committee for Scientific Research, National Centre for Research and Development, water management institutions),
  • supervision of six completed Ph.D. dissertations, two honorary doctorates.

Courses taught:

  • hydrology and water management, flood risk assessment, erosion and sedimentation, modeling of environmental processes - at the Faculty of Civil and  Environmental Engineering and at the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology,
  • “Hydrology and sedimentology of small catchments”, “Erosion and sedimentation” and „Urban hydrology and sedimentation – introduction to modelling” – courses in English for Erasmus Plus international students at WULS-SGGW.

Membership in professional and academic organizations:

  • Vice-President of ICCE-IAHS (International Commission of Continental Erosion – at International Association of Hydrological Sciences; 2011–2015, 2015–2019).
  • Polish Representative (Member of Management Board) in COST actions – programmes of European Cooperation for Science and Technology:

- C22 "Urban Flood Management" (2005–2009),
- ES0901 "European Procedures for Flood Frequency Estimation" (2009–2014), STSM coordinator (Short-term scientific missions),
- CA15113 "Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams" (2015–2019).

  • Member of the Committee of Land Reclamation and Agricultural Environmental Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences (2002–2015).
  • Vice-Chairman (2011–2015) and member of the Presidium (since 2016) of the Committee of Environmental Engineering Sciences of Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • Member of the  Water Management Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2005).
  • Member of the Polish National Council of Water Management (in 2nd, 3rd and the present 4th term).
  • Vice-President (2007–2012) and President (since 2013) of the Association of Polish Hydrologists.