Władysław W. Skarżyński, PhD

A graduate of the Faculty of Agricultural Economics (currently: Faculty of Economic Sciences) at WULS-SGGW. In 1987 he obtained his Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences in  Agricultural Economics. Until 1003, he was Assistant Professor and an active didactic in the Department of Economy and Industrial Politics at the Faculty of Agricultural Economics.

In 1991 he started work at the central administrative section  of WULS-SGGW. Winning a competition in 1992 he was promoted to The Director of Administration. Currently, he is holding the post of WULS-SGGW Chancellor. He is a member of various Senate and Rector’s Committees at WULS-SGGW.

The author of numerous scientific works, articles and reviews on agricultural economics.
He frequently took part in short-term international internships, including visits to the USA, New Zealand, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic.

He is an active social worker also outside of the University. In 2002 he won a plebiscite of a local newspaper “Pasmo” “for the most popular inhabitant of the Ursynów district.

He was frequently awarded for his scientific and academic activity. He received i.a.: Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, Golden Cross of Merit, Silver Cross of Merit, Brown Medal of Merit for National Defense, “Pre Memoria” Medal, “Meritorious for Agriculture” Medal, “Medal of Merit for WULS-SGGW”.