Agricultural University is a modern university natural, takes first place in the rankings of colleges of agriculture and natural

The most innovative and creative university in Poland
(competition organized by ACI 2010, 2011)

The most innovative and creative university in Poland in the creation of job prospects
(competition organized by ACI 2012)

Friendly College Students
(competition "ProStudent 2004")

Frequently chosen by university graduates

27 000 students

1 300 teachers

34 fields of study

130 specialties

13 departments

Joint research and teaching
with 250 foreign universities and institutions from 50 countries of the world

Modern Campus
(more than 70 hectares of surface, underground parking)

Perfect conditions for teaching
(simultaneous study at other universities farm - The Mostar,
1 500 classrooms, 60 computer labs,
300 classrooms, 24 lecture halls, a modern library,
Small Animal Clinic, Department of Horses, Animal House,
a number of experimental and farms across the country)

4 000 sites in 12-well-appointed homes Students
(Internet for each bed, a dozen student canteens)

Modern sports facilities
(indoor swimming pool, sports halls, indoor tennis courts, gym, sports, hippotherapy center)