SGGW Summer Semester Introduction Day 2

Just started your education at SGGW? Join this meeting! Join us for the second edition SGGW Summer Introduction Day (March 9 from 10 AM). This time we will talk about work safety instruction, SGGW library, online education, HMS system, ESN with a broader perspective.

Can't attend the meeting?

If you have classes at this time? you're required to attend them, or if you can't attend the meeting for whatever reason, worry not. The meeting will be recorded, so you can watch it later after your classes, in your free time. 

We'll send you the recording after the meeting. Since the safety instruction part is obligatory and tested, you will be required to take the test later based on the recording watched. The link will be sent to you with the recording. The test is obligatory, yet not time specified, only time-limited

Still missing the meeting link? please let us know: