Recruitment schedule for the Doctoral School of SGGW

The following timeframes are adopted for the recruitment process:

a) the discipline councils’ opining on the list of potential supervisors – by 15 May 2020;
b) publishing the lists of potential supervisors – by 31 May 2020;
c) the Rector’s appointing the recruitment commissions at the request of the head of the Doctoral School – by 11 September;
d) candidate doctoral students’ submitting to the secretariat of the Doctoral School the documents – 24 August - 4 September;
e) forwarding the documents to the Directors of Institutes – by 16 September 2020;
f) interviews at institutes - 21-25 September;
g) forwarding the complete documentation of the recruitment process conducted by the recruitment commissions to the secretariat of the Doctoral School – by 28 September;
h) the list of successful candidates published by 30 September.

The recruitment timeframe may be amended and shall be published on an annual basis on the website of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, in the section of the Doctoral School.