Documents required during recrutation

Documents required during recrutation

A candidate to the Doctoral School shall submit to the secretariat of the Doctoral School the following documents:

a) application for admission to the Doctoral School;
b) CV;
c) a copy of the certified transcript of the magister degree diploma and a certificate of passing the magister examination (original to be presented for inspection);
d) preliminary concept of the doctoral dissertation containing the working title of the dissertation, the research objective, the proposed research methods, short review of literature with the bibliography (maximum 3 pages);
e) the consent from the future supervisor of the candidate’s choice to accept to exercise supervision over the candidate of the given research project;
f) 1 photograph – complying with the requirements applicable for ID cards;
g) documents certifying knowledge of a modern foreign language of at least B2 level (originals to be presented for inspection);
h) list of publications and other scholarly and research achievements together with copies of documents evidencing such achievements (originals to presented for inspection);
i) documents evidencing additional qualifications that are important from the point of view of the planned doctoral dissertation (originals to presented for inspection);
j) personal questionnaire.

A candidate who has obtained a graduation diploma from studies abroad that are equivalent to magister studies, shall additionally submit:

a) the original diploma;
b) a translation of the diploma into Polish, authenticated by competent persons or institutions;
c) a document confirming recognition of the diploma or a certificate releasing from the recognition procedure, if required
d) evidence of knowledge of the Polish language at B2 level
e) candidates for learning pathway with English language of instruction shall be interviewed in English

Interview assessment form for a candidate to the Doctoral School of SGGW

Timeframe for submitting documents to the PhD student office:

24 August - 4 September 2020;

Secretariat of the Doctoral School:
Nowoursynowska 166 st.
02-787 Warsaw, (building No. 2, room No. 6A)
phone: +48 (22) 593 56 72

Office opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00-16:00