Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW (WULS-SGGW) conducts a multi-faceted business and scientific - research aimed at solving current problems of the national economy, especially in agriculture and related fields. Among the ongoing research directions feature to the following areas of research:

  • the impact of external factors on the rural environment with particular emphasis on soil environment;
  •  improvement of methods for the production of plants including integrated protection;
  • landscape architecture-integration and evaluation of natural, cultural and social changes in the human environment;
  • conservation and environmental engineering, and technical infrastructure of non-urbanized areas;
  • biological mechanisms regulating the development and growth of animals and plants;
  • improving methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of animals and plants;
  • modern technologies of food - food comfortable, functional and genetically modified;
  • basis for genetic improvement and biotechnology of plants and animals;
  • nutrition and rational use of animals;
  • marketing, economics, management and organization of companies and enterprises;
  • development of new technologies in terms of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly models of the economy;
  • determinants of diet and nutritional status of different categories of socio - professional people;
  • maintenance of new technologies in the wood;
  • health of pets and farm

The mission of the University of Natural Agricultural University to conduct research in the broad sense of the natural sciences as well as economics, humanities and engineering. The primary goal of the researchers is to serve the economic and intellectual development of Polish society, with a special focus on rural areas, food industry and the wider environment. Agricultural University also conducts activities aimed at promoting research and the implementation of the economy.


Tradition of university education is the best its own research staff. This is achieved by continuously high level of education at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs. Faculty create not only graduates of Warsaw Agricultural University. Employs trained professionals are many other academic institutions, domestic and foreign.

WAU staff are appreciated by government and NGOs. Many of them act as experts, including the Polish state bodies, and even on the agenda of the EU and the UN.

One of the priorities for research activities is broad collaboration of researchers from the Agricultural University scientists from other research centers in the country and abroad.

Note with satisfaction the increase in the number of doctoral degrees earned, the number of doctoral students, as well as submitted and grants awarded for research.

Extremely important to us for participation in research, education and implementation programs and supporting them, supporting collaboration between industry research, education and the economy, co-financed by the Structural Funds and the like. This is what allows you to create strong research teams and modernization of research infrastructure.