Intercollegiate – MostAR

Inter-university studies – MostAR programme

MostAR is a multilateral agreement between universities. Within this program, from their junior year on, students may transfer for a defined period to other academic institutions in Poland.

What is MostAR programme?

The programme is a new educational offer enabling students transfer for a defined period to other academic institutions in Poland. Within this programme students may enroll in universities listed above and take part in yearly or 6-month studies. General assumptions of the programme refer to European Education System SOCRATES.

General information and programme organization

MostAR programme covers all majors offered by member universities. Organizational and formal issues are supervised by the university and the MostAR coordinator. Deadlines for applications for 6-month or yearly studies in this academic year state as follows:

  1. by 30 March universities are obliged to submit their applications including student enrollment;
  2. by 15 April MostAR office publishes the list of places available at each major ;
  3. by 15 May universities send personal student’s declarations for a winter term.
  4. by 31 December universities send personal student’s applications for a summer term.
  5. by 30 June or 31 January the MostAR office informs students about the admittance. The decision is put forward to proper universities.

During studies within the MostAR programme, social and scientific scholarships are paid by the parent-university. Host universities provide accommodation in their dormitories.

1. Student is allowed to study within the MostAR programme no sooner than after having completed their second year.

2. A previous term pass is a prerequisite of the admittance into another university.

3. Interested students submit their applications to their Faculty Deans,

4. An application with Rectors’ approval is sent forward to the MostAR office, which arranges (between the two universities) the student’s education plan, and after a parent-Dean acceptance, student is informed about the decision.

Studies plan

1. The backbone for MostAR studies is following an individual studies’ schedule, consisting of different subjects, chosen from different semesters of a particular or kindred faculties.

2. A semester-long studies’ schedule should provide students with about 30 ECTS. It is allowed to complete part of the schedule and to finish the schedule up in the parent-university.

3. The chosen studies’ schedule must be eventually completed and credited.

Getting a pass

1. The course of getting a pass is based on ECTS system. In case the student gets no pass from the chosen subjects, the rest ought to be completed and credited in parent-university.

2. Credited studies’ schedule is confirmed by The Faculty Dean of the university which student was enrolled in.