WULS received Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Awards 2019 in Social Sciences category

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS) won in the Social Sciences category, as a leader in the criterion regarding the participation of publications in the best journals in this field. The award was taken over by professor Wiesław Bielawski - Rector of WULS.

Almost 60% of WULS publications were in the titles of the first 25% most cited journals. The most publications were in magazines in the field of socio-economic geography. Particularly noteworthy is the article dealing with forecasts of the future impact of climate change on water resources. This document was more than 12 times better cited than the global average. The author of this article is professorZbigniew Kundzewicz, Doctor honoris causa of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Whereas co-author is Mikołaj Piniewski, PhD  from the the Institute of Environmental Engineering WULS.

The intention of ELSEVIER Research Impact Leaders Awards is to identify and distininguish universities whose latest (from 2016-2018) scientific works have the greatest impact on the visibility of Polish science in the world. The award promotes the high quality and internationalization of scientific research. The jury of the Award takes into account the increase in the number of publications in the most prestigious scientific journals, publications with the participation of foreign co-authors and the citation index in a given discipline. The awards are granted in six disciplines: Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technologies, Humanities, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences.