Summer semester at SGGW

Lead: Classes at SGGW for all levels and forms of education are carried out in a blended mode, i.e. in a traditional and online form.

Dear All,

The summer semester of the 2020/2021 academic year is ahead of us. The prognosis for the coronavirus pandemic clearly shows that we still have to wait before students return to campus for good. Considering the health and safety of the academic community of our Alma Mater as a priority, we provide the latest information on the organisation of education in the coming semester.

The online form of teaching is recommended at SGGW.

The method of conducting classes, exams and passing subjects in the traditional or online form is determined by:

1) Dean – in relation to: 

a. classes carried out by students,

b. classes at postgraduate studies - in consultation with the Head of postgraduate studies,

c. other forms of education provided at the Faculty,

2) Head of the Doctoral School - in relation to the classes conducted at the Doctoral School of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences,

3)  Head of Doctoral Studies - in relation to classes conducted in doctoral studies started before the 2019/2020 academic year,

4) Representative of the Rector for the Open University of Warsaw University of Life Sciences - in relation to classes at the Open University of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, 

informing the Rector about it.


All lectures are held online.

Classes in the traditional form are limited to the necessary minimum. In the traditional form, classes may be conducted at the SGGW facilities which cannot be carried out online, i.e.:

  • practical classes, particularly laboratory and clinical classes, which require direct contact or access to specialized equipment,
  • internships that require face-to-face contact or access to specialised laboratories,
  • classes (except lectures) included in the curriculum for students of the last year of first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies and uniform studies, for which the summer semester is the last semester of studies.


Diploma exams are mainly held online.Traditional diploma exams may be conducted on the Dean's decision.

Consultations with academic teachers are mainly online(on agreed and officially published dates). Traditional consultations may take place in accordance with the rules of the sanitary regime.