Organization and operation of student dormitories in the academic year 2020/2021.

Please read the information below on the changes in the organization and operation of student dormitories.

Due to the epidemic situation in Poland, by implementing the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and GIS, we have introduced necessary changes in the organization and operation of dormitories.

WULS-SGGW is reducing the number of places in rooms. In 8 dormitories at Nowoursynowska 161 street, that is in “Adara”,” Bazyliszek”, “Cezar”, “Dendryt”, “Eden”, “Feniks”, “Grand” and “Hilton”, we are transforming standard 3-person rooms into 2-person rooms, and standard 2-person rooms into single rooms. Thanks to this solution, we provide:

- greater social distance among dormitory residents,

- higher sanitary safety,

- increased comfort of living.

In order to take into account the special needs of some students, e.g. married couples, siblings and students in a difficult financial situation, who need the cheapest possible places in the dormitory, WULS-SGGW adopts a hybrid system of functioning of these student dormitories through the possibility of accommodation according to the nominal room capacity, at the request of interested students.

Detailed information regarding the prices of the accommodation in student dormitories from 01/10/2020 will be available on the website after consultation with the Students' Self-Government of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.