The Rector's announcement on didactic classes

Please read the current information on didactic classes at WULS-SGGW.

For safety reasons, taking into account the health  of the Academic Community of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, we would like to inform you of the following:

Starting October 19, 2020 until further notice, classes, with the exception of practical classes, will be held remotely, using the methods and techniques of distance learning, in accordance with the agreed schedules for the winter semester. This applies to classes conducted in all programs of first and second cycle studies, uniform master's studies, at the Doctoral School, and to  doctoral studies started before the 2019/2020 academic year. This also applies to postgraduate studies and classes conducted as part of the Open University of Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Practical classes, especially those taking place in clinics and related to the necessary access to the laboratory infrastructure, are conducted in accordance with detailed schedules established by the deans of faculties, institute directors, the head of the WULS-SGGW Doctoral School, heads of doctoral studies in consultation with laboratory supervisors and in accordance with the principles of epidemic safety.

Foreign language and PE classes are held remotely.

The list of field activities carried out in a direct (non-remote) form will be developed and published at a later date.

While waiting for the relevant regulation of state authorities and environmental guidelines, we invite you to follow the WULS-SGGW website and the WULS-SGGW Profile on Facebook.