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Organic Food System and Sustainable Diets

Course in English – 6 ECTS and a special certificate.

Organic Food System and Sustainable Diets

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Lecturer: doc. Johannes Kahl from Copenhagen University, Denmark


Contact: ; tel. +48225937038



Level: MSc, PhD

Semester: winter

Lectures: lectures 40 h., seminars 20 h.

Lecturer: doc. Johannes Kahl, Copenhagen University, Denmark


  1. Food quality: definition, concept, criteria
  2. Food processing: technologies, processing methods   I part 22-24 NOV 2016
  3. QACCP/HACCP: Food quality management
  4. Methods in food quality determination
  5. Food quality and health                                II part – 13-15 XII 2016
  6. Organic food regulation
  7. Special aspects on product classes (meat, milk, grain, vegetables, fruits)                                                                                                                       

                                                                                         III part – 10-12 I 2017 QACCP/HACCP on specific products

  1. Sustainable food production - a global perspective


   Nr. 7,8 are seminars, where the students also have to work (e.g. presentations nr. 8)