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Foreign students received veterinarians’ diplomas

On 8th February this year 10 graduates of foreign-language studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of WULS-SGGW received veterinarians’ diplomas. Thereby the second, 2008 foreign-language studies intake finished their studies, and the number of graduates increased to 21 people

The ceremony was opened by Professor dr hab. Marian Binek, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who announced the completion of academic education stage, but also reminded about the necessity to continually broaden one’s mind and gain professional experience.

A new group of graduates were given compliments and congratulation from Professor dr hab. Marek Szyndel, a representative of the university authorities, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at WULS-SGGW. Kobi Monovich, the Director of IMS thanked university staff and the Faculty Administration for successful cooperation and the effort put into preparing the students for their profession. The oath to practice according to a veterinarian’s code of ethics was received by Vice-Dean of foreign-language studies, Professor dr hab. Romuald Zabielski, who held the following part of the ceremony.

During the meeting, the following people swore an oath and then received veterinarians’ diplomas: Bergsvand Silje Christin (Norway), Cahill Nollaig Aoife (Ireland, the highest average mark 4,72), Filipiak Julia Małgorzata (USA), Iosif Souzana (Cyprus), Jakus Paulina Magdalena (Sweden), Jansson Annette Zofia (Sweden), Jaworowska Renata (USA), Mitchell David Gerard (Ireland, our first foreign-language studies graduate), Ostergaard Anne-Mette (Norway) and Wrabel Fischel Veronika Maria Wanda (Sweden).

Aoife Cahill, the year representative, in her fiery speech thanked the Faculty staff for the transferred knowledge and for their care; she thanked parents for their support while she was studying far away from home, and wished her colleagues maintaining the established acquaintances so that they could serve in their further professional lives. The authorities of the Faculty received, among other present, a graduation tableau, which is going to open a gallery of foreign students in the building № 22.

The authorities of Ursynów district were represented by Witold Kołodziejski, Vice-mayor, who gave each of the graduates a personal letter from municipal authorities, containing plenty of kind words, congratulations on finishing a difficult field of study and wishes for success in professional life. Together with the letter, the Vice-mayor gave the graduates occasional gifts.

A graduation lecture titled “Politics, Economy and Virus Emergency: History of a Porcine Virus” was delivered by Professor dr hab. Tomasz Stadejek. After the lecture, Dean of the Faculty announced the end of the ceremony. Solemn Gaudeamus closed the official part. Later on, over coffee and tea, there was no end to photographs and goodbyes. The guests, who arrived in great numbers, included parents, younger colleagues from the university, guests from neighboring  faculties, university staff, Jan Prandota, the Director of the Department of Food Safety and Veterinary Matters at Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as Padraig Francis, Charged’Affaires of Ireland. A big surprise was the appearance of Aisling O’Louglin, a graduate from last year, with whom we had first talks about creating the Alumni Club, following the example of American universities.

Michał M. Godlewski, Anna Klatka, Ludmiła Kot, Romuald Zabielski