Update: COVID 19: How is SGGW working right now?

Below there is a list of frequently asked questions related to the impact of COVID 19 on academic life at SGGW. We are constantly updating the list. We hope that this will dispel your doubts about the SGGW academic life.


Update FAQ + A - as of March 17, 2020

1. Can students return to the dorms just for a while to take some things, including medicines?

For the health and safety of the academic community and the entire society, we ask students not to come to the dorms. Please stay at home and call a doctor who can remotely issue an e-prescription.


2. When will the online classes start?

Some classes are already conducted online. The faculties are underway to launch the next classes. Please follow the information in eHMS and check your emails - in this matter lecturers will keep in touch with their students.


3.  Due to lack of access to the library (not only SGGW library but also other libraries in Warsaw), will the students have extended time for submitting diploma theses?

If necessary, the student's application for an extension of the deadline for submitting the diploma thesis - reviewed by the supervisor - will be considered by the Deputy Dean.


4. What about dorms fees?

We do not want to charge students staying in dorms. Detailed regulations will appear soon.


5. Will the classes be done during the holidays?

At present, such a solution is not considered.


6. What about extramural students?

The situation is unprecedented, and the functioning of the University in the near future will be modified, for example, by the Ordination of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. We currently assume that all classes will be completed.


7. Will the deadlines for returning books to the library be extended?



8. What about enrollment for studies, will it be on a similar date as usual?

Admissions are conditioned by the dates of the Matura exam - in the event of a change in the dates of the Matura exam, there may be a need to modify the recruitment procedure schedule. Currently, this scenario is not taken into account.


9. Will thesis defense dates be standard (similar to last year)?

Diploma exams should be held in accordance with the regulations. All individual cases will be considered by the Deans.


10. Do rides take place in the university stable?

For the health and safety drives are canceled.


General issues

1. Why SGGW decided to suspend classes?

SGGW took actions to eliminate the possibility of the virus spreading among members of the academic community.


2. Why do students have to temporarily leave dormitories?

Among Warsaw universities, only SGGW is in a special situation, because almost all students living in dormitories (four thousand people!) are accommodated on one campus. This situation, according to doctors, increases the risk of coronavirus infection, which would consequently necessitate the forced quarantine for four thousand students.

The University authorities' decision meets the ever-growing epidemiological threat and we ask you to accept it with understanding.


3. For what period is it planned to suspend classes and other activities?

At the moment, the Rector's Ordinance is valid until further notice.


4. Will there be election meetings and election-related activities?



5. Will the Deans be able to decide on issues not settled in the Rector's statements?

Yes, if it does not go beyond the Dean's competence


Students/PhD students


1. Are extramural, evening and postgraduate classes also suspended?

Yes. All classes are suspended.


2. Does the suspension also apply to student internships and other didactic activities carried out outside the SGGW?

Yes, it does.


3. Is it possible to hold classes or take part in traineeships in small groups? 

No, any didactic activities requiring close contact with other people is cancelled.


  1. What about student cards valid until the end of March - how to extend them?

By the Ministry of Science and Higher Education decision the students cards are automatically extended until May 31, 2020.


  1. Will administrative staff be available to students and researchers? 

Yes. But please contact us by phone and email first.


  1. What about submitting and defending the thesis? 

For diploma theses information, please contact the Dean.


  1. What about doctoral and postdoctoral proceedings?

PhD candidates should contact their supervisors. In the case of habilitation, please contact the chairman of the habilitation commission.


  1. Is there any additional information for foreign students?


Information for foreign students studying at SGGW

In accordance with the Rector's ordinance on preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus among the SGGW community, we recommend foreign students studying at the University and not to leave for their home countries.

We are afraid that after resuming studies, a quick return to Poland may be difficult.

All necessary information are published on the SGGW website


9. Are the services for foreign students at faculties also suspended?

No, but we encourage you to contact us by email and phone first.


10. What about refunds for paid studies?

All classes at paid studies will be carried out in accordance with the concluded agreements.


11. When and how the classes will be rescheduled?

Students will be informed by the Faculty Deans about the dates of completing unrealized classes.


12. What about exam session extensions and other deadlines? 

We assume that the academic year will follow the current organization schedule. 


13. What to do in case I have some symptoms?

Please follow the procedure described in the algorithm.


Who must check out from the dormitory?

Polish students are required to check out from the dormitory. 

International students are recommended to stay at the dormitory until the end of the mobility period.


Research staff 

1. Are researcher staff working?

Yes, but we encourage to limit personal contacts, we recommend contacting by phone and email.


2. Will the offices of institutes and departments be open?

Yes, but we encourage you to limit personal contacts, we recommend contacting by phone and email.


3. Will there be Dean and Vice-Deans’ on duty?

Yes, there will be office hours - please contact the offices by phone or email.


4. Have the previously agreed leaves been automatically cancelled due to the suspension of classes? 

According to current knowledge, suspension of classes should not change the date of planned leaves.


5. Will the suspension of classes affect the payment of salaries for SGGW employees? 

Suspension of classes does not affect the date of payment and the amount of salary.

SGGW facilities


  1. Will I get into the faculty or other SGGW unit?

Yes, access to SGGW buildings was not restricted, yet it is limited to the minimum necessary for their basic operation.


  1. Will the main SGGW Library and the Faculty Libraries be open? If not, how can I borrow/return books?

No, according to Rector's Ordination No. 18 of March 11, 2020, libraries will be closed. We recommend using the electronic resources of the Main Library.