Publication in a prestigious journal by WULS-SGGW researchers

A research team of three employees from the Institute of Sociological Sciences and Pedagogy of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences conducted a study on self-treatment of Poles during the pandemic. Its results were published in the "International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health" (Impact Factor 2,849).

In the article entitled "Self-Medication-Related Behaviors and Poland's COVID-19 Lockdown", Dr. hab. Monika Podkowińska, prof. WULS-SGGW; Dr. Marta Makowska, and Dr. Rafał Boguszewski from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and Dr. Michał Nowakowski from the Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin describe the attitudes and behavior of Poles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study was carried out after the fourth stage of defrosting the economy (June 8-15, 2020). The authors were interested in answering the question whether the three-month lockdown and the related change in the functioning of the Polish health care system (including the popularization of telemedicine or easier access to prescriptions) caused changes in the behavior of Poles related to self-medication.

The results of the study indicate i.a. that almost half of the respondents (45.6%) engaged in at least one behavior related to self-medication. Also, 16.6% of the respondents were taking preventive drugs, and 16.8% were taking prescription drugs without consulting a doctor. Worryingly, many respondents declared that they did not act this way before the pandemic.

More details on the study and the issues of self-medication of Poles in the context of the pandemic can be found in the article: Self-Medication-Related Behaviors and Poland’s COVID-19 Lockdown.