Update: Covid 19 – Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a list of frequently asked questions related to the impact of COVID-19 on the academic life at WULS-SGGW. The list will be updated on an ongoing basis. We hope it will helpful to you.


Student affairs


  • Who makes the decision on the form of teaching and work carried out at a faculty?

Decisions about the way the classes are conducted and work is organized at a given faculty are made by the dean. Due to the worsening epidemic situation in Poland, the teaching form can be soon changed by transitioning classes that have been so far taught in a traditional form into remote classes.

  • How does the University support distance learning?

Tools supporting distance learning are the MS Teams and the Moodle platforms. Each student has access to the Office 365 service and an account in the domain.

IT for students:


  • Are visits to dean’s offices possible?

Visits to the dean's offices should be limited as much as possible, students should be served primarily remotely - by phone, e-mail,  and via the MS Teams platform. Specific rules are established by the Dean.

Before the planned visit to the dean's office, please read the information on the Faculty's website and make an appointment if necessary.  This will make it easier to keep a safe distance, avoid waiting and gathering before entering the dean's office. 

  • Can the diploma examinations be conducted remotely?

Yes. The decision on the procedure for conducting such an examination is made by the Dean at the student’s request. 


  • Does the WULS-SGGW library operate during the pandemic?

Yes. Current information on the organization of the Library's work can be found at

  • I am a student / Ph.D. student and I suspect I am infected with the coronavirus. What should I do?  

Above all, it is important to be responsible for one’s own health and that of others. Please follow the current GIS guidelines, contact your doctor and follow their recommendations, and then provide information about your suspected disease as soon as possible according to the following scheme:

If you are a participant of classes taught in a traditional form, you should provide the information referred to above to the relevant dean,head of doctoral studies, head of the WULS-SGGW Doctoral School, head of postgraduate studies, Rector's Plenipotentiary for the Open University of WULS-SGGW This should be done by phone or by e-mail to the name of the appropriate person in the domain.

Persons informed by participants of classes about suspected symptoms suggesting infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in these persons shall immediately inform the Rector or the Chancellor of WULS-SGGW.


  • Where should I apply for a scholarship? 

Applications for a social scholarship, scholarship for people with disabilities and for assistance shall be submitted to the Dean's Office, while applications for the Rector's scholarship:

• if the application concerns only the average grade - in the dean's office,

• if the application concerns the average grade and at the same time other achievements or only other achievements - in the Scholarship Appeal Committee (BSS building 8 room 3).

  • How will the examination session be organized?

It is not known yet, it will depend on the epidemic situation and the decisions made by the the deans after consultation with the coordinators of individual subjects.

  • Can the exam be held in person, if the subject is taught remotely? 

Verification whether learning outcomes  have been achieved- passing- is carried out in a traditional or remote form. The situation in which the classes are conducted remotely and the test / exam takes place in the traditional form (in person) or vice versa is not excluded. Decisions on the method of conducting classes, tests and exams in a traditional or remote form are made by the Dean. The rules for remote passing of classes are specified in the 

Rector’s Order No. 39 of June 15, 2020.  

  • What protection measures does WULS-SGGW provide to students during in-person classes? 

We have  introduced rules for participants in traditional classes. These rules should be strictly observed by each member of our community for their own good. A student suspecting any infection should not come to classes. Students must wear masks covering their mouth and nose during classes, keep a safe distance, use only their own utensils, do not bring any unnecessary items to classes, disinfect their hands before entering the building and classes, as well as and during classes. The rooms are aired, the touch surfaces are systematically disinfected.


  • How should I react when someone does not follow the safety rules? 

All members of our community are now experiencing increasing pressure and anxiety related to their health. It is not always the person's bad will to not follow the safety rules. In such a situation, first of all, you should remain calm and take care of your safety, while at the same time telling such a person that they do not comply with the accepted principles of social coexistence, thus endangering others.


  • Can a student refuse to take part in in-person classes?

If the classes are held in a traditional form (in person), it is dictated by the need for students to achieve learning outcomes resulting from the implementation of practical classes assigned to these courses. If a student is concerned about their health and has concerns about participating in in person classes, they may consider applying for a leave from classes on the terms described in the Regulations of Studies at WULS-SGGW. Refusal to participate in in person classes (which are kept to a minimum) will result in not achieving the learning outcomes, hence the student will not obtain credit for the given classes.

  • I am in a difficult financial situation. Am I eligible for an allowance?

A student may apply for an allowance on the terms and for the reasons described in the regulations of benefits. The Faculty Scholarship Committee will assess whether the application t is justified on the basis of the submitted documents.


  • How can I submit the application for the allowance?

The application for the allowance, along with documents confirming the student's situation, should be delivered to the Dean's Office by mail or in person, after having read the information about the work organization of a given Dean's office, or by making an appointment for a specific time.

Student dormitories


  • Will student dormitories operate on a regular basis?

Yes, the operation of the dormitories is maintained in the sanitary regime that we introduced at the beginning of the semester.

  • Can outsiders have access to student dormitories?

It is forbidden for outsiders to enter the WULS-SGGW student dormitories. Detailed information is available at


  • Is it possible to organize social, educational and integration meetings in the dormitories? 

Unfortunately not.

  • Does the administration of student dormitories provide students with masks and gloves?

Residents buy personal protective equipment themselves. There are hand disinfectants at the entrance to the buildings.

  • What should I do if I suspect an infection?

You should contact your primary health care physician or sanitary and epidemiological station and follow the provided guidelines. You should notify the reception desk or the administration of the dormitory about the suspected illness over phone.

In the event of receiving a decision on compulsory quarantine, the resident is obliged to immediately notify the administration of the student residence.



Organization of events / conferences


  • Is it possible to organize conferences, trainings and other cultural, entertainment and integration events at WULS-SGGW? 

We limit the possibility of organizing such events. The restrictions do not apply to events organized using means of distance communication (online events, etc.).


• Do I need to cover my mouth and nose in offices?

If there are personal contacts of employees from outside of the room, keep a distance and cover your mouth and nose.

• Do I have to cover my mouth nose in the common areas of WULS-SGGW?

Yes. Also, please  remember to keep your distance.

• Should documents be submitted traditionally or electronically?

Whenever possible, documents should be submitted in electronic form.

• How should the office space be adjusted to work?

The distance between the individual work stations should be 1.5 meters. In addition, heads of organizational units should organize work in accordance with the generally available sanitary guidelines. 

• Is remote work possible?

At the request of the employee, after the supervisor's opinion (dean, director, manager) - the final decision is made by the Rector.

Psychological support



  • Is travel under the Erasmus + program possible?

Recruitment for travel under the Erasmus + program will start in November this year and will apply to study trips in the academic year 2021/2022. Recruitment for internships is carried out on a continuous basis. Details available at:

  • Isother student mobility (not included in the study program) possible?

For the time being, it is. The order of the Rector of WULS-SGGW no. 50 of July 6, 2020 remains in force: International mobility of employees, doctoral students and students of WULS-SGGW is allowed. Travel is only possible to countries where the border traffic has been re-established and can only take place in compliance with the sanitary regulations in force both in the destination country and in the transit countries.

  • What about business trips of employees and doctoral students?

At the moment, they are allowed. the Order of the Rector of WULS-SGGW No. 50 of July 6, 2020 remains in force:

International mobility of employees, PhD students and students of WULS-SGGW is allowed. Travel is possible only to the countries where the border traffic has been re-established and may only take place in compliance with the sanitary regulations in force both in the destination country and in the transit countries.

  • Are visits from international guests possible?

At the moment, they are allowed. the Order of the Rector of WULS-SGGW No. 50 of July 6, 2020 remains in force:

The possibility of hosting international guests at WULS-SGGW is restored, including students, while maintaining the sanitary regime and in accordance with the provisions of generally applicable law.


Please follow our website on a regular basis – updates will be published.