Researchers from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences among the best 2% scientists

The ranking was compiled by Stanford University in collaboration with Elsevier and SciTech Strategies.

This prestigious list includes researchers whose papers have been cited most often by other authors in their disciplines and sub-disciplines. Among nearly 160,000 scientists from all over the world, there are seven from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.
These are:

  • The late Prof. dr. hab. Piotr Lewicki - former employee of the Faculty of Food Sciences
  • Prof. dr. hab. Hazem M. Kalaji – Institute of Biology
  • Dr. hab. Marek Kieliszek – Institute of Food Sciences
  • Dr. inż. Sabina Galus - Institute of Food Sciences
  • Prof. dr. hab. Stanisław Karpiński - Institute of Biology
  • Dr. Joanna Zarzyńska – Institute of Veterinary Medicine
  • Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Stadejek – Institute of Veterinary Medicine​

The ranking is a comprehensive assessment of the scientific achievements of researchers from around the world according to the bibliometric index (the so-called C-score), including the number of independent citations, the Hirsch index, and the place and role of the author among the co-authors.

The complete list of 159,683 scientists can be found here.