Letter of Vice-Rectors to SGGW students

Dear Students, We would like to cordially welcome you to the community of our University. We hope that despite the special situation related to the pandemic, you have had a good vacation and that you are starting the 2020/21 academic year full of strength and energy.

For some of you, this is the beginning of a fascinating adventure at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, opening up many opportunities for developing your knowledge and your talents. For others, this is another year of studying and returning to the community

of well-known friends. We are glad that you will spend this important chapter of your life with us.

There is an exceptional academic year ahead of us. The pandemic has changed the mode of functioning of the University, but we would like to assure you that it is open to you and available as much as possible. For first-year students, all laboratory, clinical and practical classes
will be carried out in a traditional way, in accordance with the applicable sanitary regime. For new students, we will also organize meetings with deans and trainings. There we will present the most important information on the principles of studying and on organizational matters.

In order to ensure the highest safety standards, all lectures at the 1st and 2nd degree studies and uniform Master’s studies, as well as those classes, the implementation of which will not require a direct meeting with the lecturer and access to specialized laboratories, will be held on-line. Due to the current decisions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and sanitary recommendations, some assumptions may change, so we ask you to follow the information appearing on the University’s and individual Faculties’ websites.

We would like to remind you that there are sanitary safety rules on the campus, in particular, we ask you to wear masks and use other protective measures, as well as observe the rules of social distancing and hygiene.

We believe that our Alma Mater will become for you not only a place of study, but also an essential part of your life. A place of inspiration and development of scientific passions. We will do our best to make you feel as good as possible here, so that you could say with pride „I’m from SGGW!”      

On our website, there is a StartBook prepared especially for newly admitted students, where we have collected the most important information about studying at WULS-SGGW. We hope that it will facilitate your first steps at the University.

We wish you that WULS-SGGW is a place where you’re able to develop your curiosity about the world, your passions and dreams, but also -  a place where you feel well.

We hope that this extraordinary academic year will give you the development opportunities you are looking for.


Wishing you success,

Vice-rector for international cooperation
Dr. hab. Marta Mendel

Vice-rector for didactics
Dr. hab. Jarosław Gołębiewski Prof. at WULS-SGGW