International Cooperation

Changes to the study programme / extension of stay

Changes to the study programme

Changes to the study programme should be made at the latest one month after starting studies at Partner University. For this purpose, please send to the International Relations Office changes to Learnig Agreement accepted by the coordinator at the Partner University and new Comparison and Recognition Sheets.

Changes can be sent by email, provided the scans of the documents are legible in PDF format. If the Dean of Studeis/Head of Doctoral Studies accepts, these changes will be implemented.


Extension of stay

To extend your stay, you are obliged to complete the following formalities:

  • obtain the consent of the Partner University to extend the stay - signing by the Host University of the study programme (LA) for the next semester is equivalent to giving consent to extend the stay

  • prepare new Comparison and Recognition Sheets for the extended semester.

After sending the documents to the International Relations Office and formal verification of the documents, they are forwarded to the student's home faculty for the Dean's approval. It is allowed to send documents by email provided that the scans of the documents are legible and in PDF format. If the above formalities are completed and the Dean agrees to extend the stay, the student signs an annex to the contract.

All formalities must be completed before the original contract expires.

The scholarship is paid for the entire mobility period.