Funding for students participating in the Erasmus + programme and with POWER co-financing in 2020/21

1. The amount of funding is fixed and is determined by the National Agency. The monthly amount of funding depends on the selected destination country and in the academic year 2020/2021 for individual countries is:


Group Countries

Monthy Erasmus Grant

Monthly POWER Grant

Group 1

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Island, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain

520 EUR

3069 PLN*/

2217 PLN**

Group 2

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Holland, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Italy

500 EUR

2984 PLN*/

2131 PLN**

Group 3

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia (FYROM), Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary

450 EUR

2567 PLN*/


* students who receive financial aid scholarship [stypendium socjalne]
** students who receive scholarship for the disabled 

2. The scholarship is granted for the entire period of stay indicated in the contract signed before departure.

3. The scholarship amount is determined by multiplying the number of days/months by the daily/monthly rate for the given host country. In the case of incomplete months, the grant amount will be calculated by multiplying the number of days in the incomplete month by 1/30 of the amount due.

4. Scholarships are paid according to the following scheme:

  • 80% of the amount for the first semester paid at the latest on the first day of classes,
  • for all-year stays, 80% of the due scholarship is paid for the second semester after providing grades for the first semester,
  • after returning and the mobility final reckoning the student receives the final installment within 45 days.

5. Students in a material disadvantage (i.e. students who have submitted a certificate from the Dean's Office on the right to receive a financial aid scholarship [stypendium socjalne] in the academic year preceding the Erasmus + mobiluty at the time set by BWM) receive individual support from the Knowledge, Education and Development Operational Program - POWER, and their mobility status in the Erasmus + programme is defined as "mobility with zero funding". Every student, apart from the basic funding is entitled to a social allowance of approx. EUR 200 expressed in zlotys. In the case of incomplete months, the grant amount is calculated by multiplying the number of days in the incomplete month by 1/30 of the amount due.

6. Disabled students may apply for additional funding. The funding is awarded in the case when the lack of such would prevent the student's participation in the mobility, and funding amount is determined on the basis of real costs. After submitting the application to the National Agency, in which the student specifies the estimated costs, the Agency calculates the amount of additional funding and transfers is as an advance payment to be settled after returning from the mobility. The recking is based on bills and contracts (e.g. for care).

Students with support from the POWER programme receive all funding for mobility in PLN.

If the period of stay is shorter than assumed in the contract / annex between the student and SGGW, the amount of funding will be reduced accordingly. If the stay is shorter up to 5 days, the amount of funding does not change.

7. If the period of stay is longer than assumed in the contract / annex between the student and SGGW, the period exceeding that agreed one will be considered as zero funding.

Travel costs funding rules in 2020/21

1. Travel costs are financed on the basis of purchased tickets to and from the city in which the partner institution is located, on dates compatible with the commencement and completion of studies/internship in this institution.

Students applying for co-financing are obliged to purchase tickets on their own for the means of transport of their choice for travel to place of studies/ apprenticeship at the travel agency with which SGGW has a contract signed - TRAVELBANK

Partial reimbursement takes place after submitting to the International Relations Office of SGGW, in the Settlements Department (room 19, building 8):

  • invoices for tickets bought in Poland issued for a student by  TravelBank  and confirmation of transfers,
  • the return  ticket, if  it was purchased abroad. In this case, no invoice has to be presented. All you need is a ticket.

The student is entitled to co-financing of travel costs in the amount specified in tha table below. The difference in costs between the ticket price/invoice amount and the co-financing due is paid by the student from their own funds.

If the ticket is purchased before the abovementioned final acceptance by the home faculty, the student bears the risk of incurred costs.

Co-financing is settled once, i.e. after exhausting the amount of co-financing due or after purchasing a return ticket.

Co-financing can be obtained before leaving for studies internship or after the return.



maximum co-financing amounts

Azores (Portugal)

1500 PLN

Turkey, Island, continental Portugal

1300 PLN

Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia

900 PLN

other EU countries

600 PLN


2. Co-financing a trip by car from Warsaw to the city where the partner institution is located and back (only within continental Europe)

In order to calculate the distance between Warsaw and the partner university / institution an   Erasmus+ distance calculator is used. It is  available on the Erasmus + program website:

The dubble culated distance and runded off to one is muliplied by rate for kilometers depended on the destination.


1 destination till 1000km 0,35 PLN
2 destinationa more than 1000km 0,25 PLN

Before leaving, the student is required to submit a declaration of using the car to IRO. Travel by car is settle only after mobility on the basis of the settlement prepared by IRO.