Mobility settlement

By signing the contract with SGGW (before departure), the student undertakes to settle the mobility under the Erasmus + programme at the latest one month after completing their studies at partner university.

Confirmation of mobility period – a document issued by partner university, containing the date of beginning and end of stay at the partner university, the coordinator's signature and the university's stamp. The documents is issued on the last day of the exchange studies. The document should be picked up personally from the partner university's coordinator and delivered to the BWM office.

Transcript of records – a document is usually sent by post to the BWM office. Upon receipt of this document, the student is informed by email. Please note that the student is obliged to ensure that the document is in BWM within a month after completing exchange at the partner university. A copy of this document remains at BWM, while the original is presented to the student at the faculty to settle the semester. We remind you that the minimum number of ECTS that should be on the TOR is 15 points.

Online survey  a link is sent from the EU Survey server to the email address provided by the student. The student is required to complete the survey within 30 days of receiving the link.

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