Students are requested to deliver the application documents to the IRO not later than 2 weeks before the application deadline set by host university. It is student’s responsibility to check this deadline on the university’s website  or get the information from their coordinator.

Please note: some of the host universities don’t set the deadline for an application. In this case students are requested to deliver the documents to the IRO until:

  • 15th of June for winter semester
  • 15th of December for summer semester

Personal data 2020/2021

The form needs to be filled electronically, printed out and signed by the student.

Learning Agreement

In table A the student writes the subjects they take at host university, in the table B the subjects that they would have at SGGW. The responsible person at the sending institution is the Dean and she/he also signs the Learning Agreement. The contact person is coordinator from the IRO. Most of universities require an online application or application by email.

NOTE: Most of hosting universities have their own Learning Agreement forms

Recognition Sheet – KU and Comparison Sheet – KP

In KU student writes down the subjects obligatory for their department during the mobility semester. The Dean marks YES or NO for the subjects recognize/not recognized after the mobility. In KP the subjects from the hosting university are assigned to the subjects from SGGW. The basis of this assignation is the effect of the education, the subjects don’t have to be assigned one-to-one. The exchangeability should be at least on 50% + one subject level.

NOTE: Every change in Learning Agreement requires a new KU and KP!

NOTE: Some of host universities may require additional application documents, such as Transcript of Records, CV, motivation letter, etc. The student is learn about the recruitment procedure at  university they  apply for on their own.