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WULS-SGGW awarded the Certificate of Uberrima Fide

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences was awarded with the Certificate of UBERRIMA FIDE (Latin for "with great care"). The Augustin-Jean Fresnel Foundation and granted awards to universities and faculties that have implemented anti-plagiarism procedures and in an exemplary way prevent illegal copying of dissertations. Thirteen universities were awarded with the Certificate.

All theses written by WULS- SGGW students are controlled for the originality with the use of digital texts verification system. They are protected by procedures ensuring safety standards at the highest level and the strategy provides an appropriate level of quality of education. The Certificate authorizes the university to issue each graduate  the diploma Uberrima Fide

The ceremony was preceded by a seminar, of which the theme concerned an  amendment to the Law on Higher Education and significant legislative changes related to it, concerning the prevention of plagiarism. Both the presentation and the accompanying discussion focused on the consequences of changes in the Law on Higher Education related to the control of anti-plagiarism, so it concerned the introduction of the obligation to check theses with anti-plagiarism programs and the creation of a nationwide repository of theses, which is to be a base reference for anti-plagiarism systems.

In addition to the undeniable positive result of the changes, such as the protection system against uncontrolled reproduction and reuse of all theses, which creates an opportunity for a radical reduction of pathology in the higher education system, such as trading of theses or writing ordered papers, the participants of the discussion also pointed out the dangers. They mentioned the  lack of statutory definition and of anti-plagiarism control standards, which may lead the universities to choose the least expensive solutions that meet the requirements of the Act, and hence, to a drastic reduction in the quality of the services on the Polish market. The discussants pointed out that due to ongoing work on the bill, it is still possible to remedy this defect legislation. During the conference, the positive consequences of the use of tools for the quality of education were presented, primarily of the anti-plagiarism system, highlighting the key issues of the quality of used tools.

Uberrima Fide Certificates were awarded for the second time (they replaced the emblem of the University and the Faculty fighting plagiarism, which was awarded in the previous five years ).

This year the following institutions received Uberrima Fide certificates: Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk, State Higher Vocational School in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Staszic State Higher Vocational School in Piła, WULS-SGGW, Warsaw School of Economics, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, University of Economics in Katowice, Cracow University of Economics, Warsaw Medical University, Higher School of Pedagogy of the Polish Teachers’ Union in Warsaw, Mieszko I College of Education and Administration in Poznań and the Faculty of Management of Gdansk University of Technology.

At WULS-SGGW, Robert Budzyński, M.Sc., the Rector's Attorney for anti-plagiarism system is in charge of the functioning of the anti-plagiarism system.