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WULS-SGGW among the best universities in the world

Warsaw University of Life Sciences was qualified to the top one hundred international universities in the field of agriculture and forestry. QS World University Rankings of the service is the fifth edition of the ranking, which in addition to analyzing about 17.3 million of research works, gathered the views of more than 85,000 scientists and 41 thousand employers. The specification takes into account as many as 36 different scientific disciplines and as emphasized by its creators, is the largest list of this kind in the world.

In addition to WULS-SGGW, other Polish universities were included in the ranking:  University of Warsaw (rank 150) - in the categories of politics and international relations, modern languages, mathematics and linguistics, Jagiellonian University for modern languages, the University of Technology in the category of electrical and electronic engineering ​​and the Warsaw University of Technology in the category of electrical and electronic engineering. In the top 300  universities in " English Studies and English literature" also the University of Łódź was included, and AGH University of Science and Technology was in the fourth hundred in the category "Technologies of computer and information systems".

The authors of the ranking indicates that Polish universities showed an increase in competitiveness in the international arena, strongly marking their presence in all the categories mentioned above.