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The 200th year of educating has started

The academic year 2015/16 has been inaugurated at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. This year the university will celebrate the 200th anniversary of agricultural education in Poland. Next May it will have been 200 years since the establishment of the Institute of Agronomy in Marymont, from which the Warsaw University of Life Sciences is derived. In the new academic year, 25,000 students will begin their studies, among them nearly 8 thousand freshmen.

During the inauguration ceremony of the academic year, the newly admitted freshmen and first-year Ph.D. students took a solemn oath and therefore became the members of the academic community of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. 

WULS-SGGW offered in the new academic year 37 various programmes of studies. The interest in studies at our university remains high. Similarly as in previous year, nearly 11.5 thousand people applied for full-time studies, which is on average 3 candidates competing for one place.

Prof. dr hab. Alojzy Szymañski, the Rector of WULS- SGGW, in his inauguration speech indicated the advantages of our university and stressed its unique development across last decades. Profesor Alojzy Szymański, directing his speech to the students beginning their education at our university said, among other:

"You are bringing in the youth dream and great enthusiasm. Each of you is unique. You are all facing many challenges of the civilization and possibilities to choose various ways of life. Take care of your development using the opportunities that the university is creating for you in the area of scientific, cultural, social, artistic and sports activity. Remember, that you take after the achievement of many generations, generations that are connected by the name of the Warsaw University of Life Science. The name is not modern, but unique among other universities and providing identity, which is very important. The name, which is a brand and which indicates the main mission of WULS-SGGW:  "(…) to serve economic and intellectual growth of the Polish society, especially the rural areas, food economy and the natural environment in the broad sense"



The Rector Szymański stressed in his speech that "By choosing the studies at WULS-SGGW, you have made a good choice because 80% of our graduates take job immediately after graduation, in 64% the job is related tothe completed study programme and as many as  62% of the graduates evaluate the studies at WULS-SGGW very high. I wish you satisfaction with your studies. I wish that WULS-SGGW is for you a place, where you will spend the best years of your lives and that it is a good second home for you, filled with friends. A home to which you will always be able to come back."


As the academic year 2015/2016 is the last term of office for the present team, the Rector A. Szymański presented the most important achievements from the last two terms. "WULS-SGGW, as other polish universities, starts to note the consequences of the demographic decline, visible for the part-time study programmes.  In 2008/2009 there were 25 thousand students in 27 various programs. It is similar today, however, the structure of the students changed - there are now more full-time students. All programmes are available at full-time studies. In the last 5 years, a significant increase in the number of students from abroad was noted - from 293 in 2009 to 765 in 2014. Out of them, 454 completed a degree programme. From 2012/2013, ten new programmes were launched. Currently there are 37 study programmes. This year, the most popular were: finance and accounting, and dietetics, where approximately 10 people competed for one place, as well as veterinary medicine - almost 7 candidates per place. On average, there were 3 candidates for 1 place. I would like to thank all of you who care about the development of teaching at the University of Life Sciences and about the appropriate level of education, bearing in mind that good education must be accompanied by learning in the spirit of the values underpinning our identity and culture. The positive result of recruitment is a consequence of various factors, among others: the position of our university in the world of science, the quality of education and cooperation with the economy, the positive assessments by Polish Accreditation Commission, as well as titles and awards granted to the university. I will name a few:

• World Ranking Top Universities 2014 WULS-SGGW was qualified to the first hundreds of the world's best universities in the field of agriculture and forestry,
• In the Reputation Ranking of Polish Universities "Premium Brand 2015" we took the 9th place.
• In the Webometrics ranking of 2015 - 11th position among national universities,
• For the fifth time since 2010 the university was awarded by the Academic Information Centre with the title "The most innovative and creative university in Poland in the creation of career prospects"

• with the result of 8.1 out of 10 points, the university was awarded with the certificate: "International Student Satisfaction".

We value highly all awards and distinctions granted to us. On behalf of the whole WULS-SGGW community, I would like to express our gratitude to all institutions and people, who awarded them to our university.

During the inauguration ceremony, the  inauguration lecture entitled „WULS-SGGW i and Warsaw in the first postwar year” was given by prof. dr hab. Marian Marek Drozdowski, a professor of the Insitute of History, Polish Academy of Science.

The ceremony was attended by many invited guests from ministries and institutions cooperating with the university, members of parliament, representatives of public and local administration and church, as well as the WULS-SGGW Senate,  employees and students of the university.

The Agricultural University Academic Choir, the Chamber Choir and the Artistic Ensemble "Promni" added splendor to the ceremony.