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Promising study of WULS-SGGW researchers on fighting tumors

Researchers from the Faculty of Animal Sciences of WULS-SGGW demonstrated that graphene can destroy cancer cells. The team of Professor Ewa Sawosz-Chwalibóg from the Department of nanobiotechnology discovered that graphene is adjacent to the tumor cell and forms a thin layer around it, cutting off the supply of oxygen and nutrients, leading to its death. Graphene not only kills cancer cells but can also be an excellent carrier of other substances.

Scientists of WULS-SGGW conduct their research on human glioma cell lines and tumors grown from these cells. The cells are placed in a growing embryo in the hen egg and after a few days real human glioblastoma tumor arises there. This method was initiated by Dr. Martha Grodzik. It is unique, as it allows scientists to easily monitor the step-by-step development of the natural human tumor.