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MiniKiwi grown at WULS-SGGW at stores

The MiniKiwi variety "Bingo", grown at WULS-SGGW, appeared for the first time in Polish stores. This is a great example of collaboration between researchers and the economic environment.

Year 2015 is the second season when the 'MiniKiwi' (Actinidia arguta), which is introduced into cultivation as a result of cooperation of WULS-SGGW and an orchard farm in the vicinity of Grójec, can be found at stores. The fruit is a smaller version of kiwifruit, but the essential difference is related to their edible peel. The fruits are obtained without chemical protection and contain an extraordinary amount of valuable components and this is why they are commonly considered a "health fruit". Bred at Warsaw University of Life Sciences and grown on plantations near Grójec, the 'Bingo' variety, which is distinguished by its attractive coloration and taste, now appeared at stores and we hope that it will appeal to consumers.

Through the promotion of 'MiniKiwi' fruit by researchers from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the cultivation of this original plant is gaining more and more supporters in our country, which results in emerging new plantations scattered throughout Poland. A research project funded by the National Research and Development Centre, conducted at the Department of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture by the team of dr. hab. Peter Latocha aims at developing the optimum goods of this crop and at choosing the best variety. This should contribute to popularizing the cultivation of this fruit, which is not only tasty, but also nutritious.