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PhD Krystyna Oracz – a winner of the Polish-French Program POLONIUM 2014/15

On the 10th January 2014’, the Polish-French Committee for Program POLONIUM has chosen 22 projects which will be financed for years 2014/15. This program created at the initiative of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes research projects, agreed between Polish and French research teams.

Among the winners of this year's edition of POLONIUM is also PhD Krystyna Oracz - the leader of the SeedExplorerGroup, at the Department of Plant Physiology WULS-SGGW, which elucidate the molecular aspects of the regulation of seed germination and dormancy, leading to improve the quality of seeds germinated well in diverse and unpredictable environmental conditions, e.g. caused by global warming.

More information about career development, research projects, and offer of scholarships dedicated to students working in projects led by PhD Krystyna Oracz can be found at :