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The Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) was the site on January 20, 2011 of the New Year Agribusiness Gala. This was organized by the "Agro" monthly, a magazine designed for enterprising people in the agricultural and related fields of endeavour. The gala was held to honour individuals who have scored outstanding success in the rural areas and in the agricultural sector owing to their initiative, enterprise and industriousness in performing their duties and who created models of agri-companies worth emulating by others.

The participants were welcomed by the SGGW rector Professor Aloj- zy Szymański. Prominent guests at- tending the gala included Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agricul- ture and Rural Development Kazi- mierz Plocke, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture Ma- rian Zalewski, Secretary of State in the Polish President's Office Olgierd Dziekoński, President's adviser for Rural Affairs and Agriculture Profes- sor. Tomasz Borecki, Agri Business Club Chairman Maciej Paradowski and Chairman of the Agricultural Proper- ty Agency Tomasz Nawrocki.

During the official part of the event prizes and awards were presented to the winners of the Agroprzedsiębiorca PR (The Agri-Entrepreneur of Poland) and AgroLiga (AgriLeague) compe- titions, the laureate of the Andrzej Warchol ABK (AgriBusiness Club) Award as well as to the laureates of the AgroKlasa ODR (Agricultural Adviso- ry Centre) and of the Kwatera na Medal (Top class agri-farm lodging) compe- titions run by the "Agro" magazine.