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Today's WULS-SGGW is a result of work, ardor and wisdom of thousands of fellows and 140 thousand alumni. Sources of success and recognition are numerous: high quality of education, professional academic staff and recognisable and world- renowned diplomas. Not without significance is great care for students, possibility of self-fulfilment through participation in scientific circles, dance ensembles and sports clubs. We help our students develop their skills in many fields.

 We have a modern campus that offers proper study and leisure facilities. WULS-SGGW is not only studying, but also the lifestyle. It is our students who create this style, while scientific staff guides them towards further development opportunities and well-being in the changing world. That is why our university is constantly changing too, adjusting its curricula to the requirements of the labour market, to scientific advances and economic developments going on in the present-day world. The results we achieve prove that we are heading in the right direction. We are investing in the future...