Announcement for Candidates qualified for second-cycle studies
Please read the following information carefully

Candidates qualified for admission to studies (who will be granted the status of "qualified for admission" on the date of qualification, confirm their readiness to study at SGGW in the Candidate Service System (SOK), then submit a complete set of required documents within the deadline indicated in the recruitment calendar.

In order to confirm that you are ready to study at WULS-SGGW, we ask you to perform a few activities between ... and ..., 2021 on your candidate's account created in the Candidate Service System (SOK), for this purpose, perform the activities in the following order:


  1. Digital photo in a resolution of 236 x 295 pixels, of your face (the face must be directed straight at the camera lens and occupy a minimum of 75% of the width and minimum 75% of the height of the photo field), the photograph will be placed on the electronic student ID and on the application / personal questionnaire.


  1. Log in to your account created at SOK.
  2. Open the tab “Information for candidates qualified for admission to studies” regarding the processing of personal data and confirm that you have read its contents by selecting "YES" from the drop-down list and confirm by clicking "OK".
  3. Fill in the details in the "Secondary education" tab.
  4. In the "Photo" tab, attach a previously prepared digital photo,
  5. Go to“Homepage of candidate's panel” tab and confirm that you are ready to study at SGGW by clicking the green button: "I confirm my readiness to study, I will provide documents"

Once confirmed, your status will change to "waiting for acceptance", which means that we are waiting for your documents to be delivered to University.

Documents should be submitted at the seat of the University in person or via post / courier. After submitting the documents, you will get the status "accepted".

If you submit documents in person – deliver your documents to ul. Nowoursynowska 166, building no 8
If you submit documents via post / courier send it to the following address:

Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie
Biuro Spraw Studenckich, budynek 8
Ul. Nowoursynowska 166  
02-787 Warszawa
with annotation REKRUTACJA

Note: The condition for admission to studies is confirmation of readiness to start studies at WULS-SGGW and submission of the required documents, listed on the recruitment website:

When preparing documents to be submitted by post / courier, remember to:

  1. Printing the application / personal questionnaire with a photo, which is available for download as a PDF file on the candidate's individual account in the Candidate Service System (SOK) in the "Homepage of candidate's panel". Before printing the questionnaire, check whether it doesn’t contains errors and whether it contains a photo. The candidate must sign the legibly printed questionnaire in the lower right corner in the signature space.
  2. If you are a foreigner, also print the Statements available for download on the candidate's account at SOK. Sign documents with your first and last name and complete the date and place of signing.
  3. Attaching copies certified by notary of documents on education and a language certificate.
  4. If you are a foreigner, be sure to attach a regular photocopy of your passport, which will be destroyed after verification of your identity.
  5. If you are a underage person, remember to attach the consent of both parents / legal guardians to undertake studies and sign a contract with the University, such consent must be confirmed by a notary or by a Polish consul. Unauthorized document will not be accepted.

How to submit documents - sanitary safety measures
In the case of a personal visit to WULS-SGGW, please go directly to the points designated for submitting documents and observe following rules of sanitary safety:

  • cover your mouth and nose with a protective mask or a scarf,
  • disinfect your hands (liquid available at document submission points),
  • personal contact should be limited to the necessary minimum,
  • while waiting for the submission of documents, keep a safe distance from other people at least 1.5 meters and stay only in designated areas,
  • if the candidate has symptoms suggesting an infectious disease, he cannot submit documents in person (it is recommended to send them by post / courier),
  • a candidate submitting documents in person must comply with the rules of the sanitary regime,
  • the candidate should take his own pen,
  • do not take accompanying persons with you (does not apply to underage candidates accompanied by parents or legal guardians),
  • after submitting the documents, you should immediately leave the university.