Tadeusz Kaleta

dr hab.

Tadeusz Kaleta

Faculty of Animal Sciences

Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding

+48 22 59 365 70

I entered the Faculty of Animal Science, Warsaw Agricultural University in 1972. . I took my MS degree in 1977. Then, I attended the doctor programme and took my Ph.D. in 1982. I completed my habilitation work in 1993. At present my position is associated professor in the Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding (Faculty of Animal Science) of Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

By profession I am specialist in the field of animal science and ethology. My first works have concerned the behaviour of farm silver fox (Vulpes vulpes) and its effect on reproductive capacity of male and female. Later I have carried out investigations concerning various aspects of animal science and biology :ethology, animal welfare and ethics, human -animal relations, zoo biology (husbandry and breeding in zoo), police dog behaviour , and animal in human culture. As regards animal species I am particularly interested in the carnivore mammals and primates. My investigation topics tie to the great degree with the lectures I deliver for students of the several faculties of Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

I have written nearly 150 scientific publications including several books in this period..

I have attended 50 international and local conferences.I have been also supervisor of over 100 works for MS degree and 4 for doctor degree. I am the member of Polish Ethological Society and member of Scientific Board of Warsaw Zoological Garden.


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