Erasmus Student Network Poland is a part of the biggest student non-profit organisations in Europe. ESN SGGW is one of 40 local sections in Poland.

Our motto is: „Students helping students”, which is excatly what we do. Our action can be separated into two main tasks.
First of all, we support our International Relations Office in promoting Erasmus+ student exchange programmes, internships and voluntary services programmes.
Our second task, closest to our hearts is helping exchange students, who are coming to Poland, to spend a semester on our University.
How do we do that? We organise a wide variety of events such as trips to other cities in Poland, sightseeing, visiting museums, interactive language courses, cooking events, sport competitions (eg. National Erasmus Games 2018), photography contest (Discover Europe), or just casual meetings on our campus!


We are doing our best for our Erasmus students to get the most from their time in Poland. All 60 members of the section take care of exchange students and put a lot of effort to make them feel like home, and make their time here memorable.


So what is ESN? Someone somewhere said “ESN is like doing Erasmus, but without going anywhere!”.
And there’s no doubt that being ESNer brings a lot of satisfaction and wonderful friendships! But ESN is also a hard work of our brave volunteers, that make Poland, Warsaw and our University loved and cherished all around the world! J