10 years of the IAMONET-RU project, Erasmus Mundus at WULS-SGGW

Between 22-23 June 2017 WULS-SGGW hosted international final meeting of the 10-year International Academic Mobility Network with Russia (IAMONET-RU), program Erasmus Mundus.

WULS-SGGW joined the consortium of project in 2007. General aims of IAMONET-RU project were to facilitate development of BSc, MSc and PhD programs according to the Bologna requirements at Russian universities, a common system of recognition of studies according to ECTS and development of joint/double degree programs, enhanced qualification of teaching and research staff and capacity building in public administration and governmental bodies. Collaboration of WULS-SGGW with 20 universities (7 European partners, 13 Russian partners) coordinated by the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany) lasted for 10 years and was composed of 5 projects in total. Over 1200 mobilities of students, post docs and academic staff with durations from 1 month (staff) up to 36 months (doctorates) were supported by the European grants. IAMONET-RU project at WULS-SGGW, managed by the team: Dr Mieczysław Rygalski, Ewelina Belkiewicz and Małgorzata Szczęsna contributed to successfully organised academic exchange of 99 incoming (44 BSc, 24 MSc including 15 full degree students, 10 PhD, including 1 full degree student, 6 post doc, 15 academic staff) and 46 outgoing grantees (4 BSc, 26 MSc, 8 PhD, 8 academic staff) as well as establishment of close relations with institutions of the European Union and Russian Federation as a base of further cooperation agreements and a partnership within the Erasmus+ program.