International Cooperation



Sciex is the promotion tool for research teams from all disciplines, consisting of team-members from the EU10 and Switzerland. Sciex Fellows from the EU10: BGRCZEESTHUNLTULVAPOLROUSVKSVN pursue their research in cooperation with Swiss researchers in Swiss research institutions. Ideal working and framework conditions support the success of their research. Sciex is part of the Swiss Contribution to the New Member States of the EU. 

2009 (second quarter) - 2016

Sciex Fellowships
A Sciex Fellowship consists of the costs for research training placements of Sciex Fellows (employer’s salary costs, journey) and the costs for knowledge exchange of the Sciex Mentors (three reciprocal visits). All Sciex payments are issued to the Swiss Host Institution. The Swiss Host Institution administers the Fellowship.

Research Training Placements for Sciex Fellows
Research training Placements for Sciex Fellows, reserved for promising doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers from the new member states (no age restriction).

  • Fellows are in a Doctoral Education or do post-doctoral research.
  • Placements last between a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 (for PostDocs) and 24 (for Doctoral Candidates) months. 
  • Swiss Host Institutions will be required to finance all costs related to the work of the Fellow, which are not covered by the Sciex Fellowship.

Please note that there is no possibility to apply for extension. Furthermore, Doctoral Candidates and/or PostDocs, who were already granted a Sciex Fellowship, do not have the possibility to apply a second time for a Sciex funding.

Short-term Visits
3 Short-term Visits are provided for both Mentors from the NMS and from Switzerland of an approved Sciex project. The aims of these Short-term Visits are:

  • Mentoring visits to support the Fellow and
  • Networking of the Mentors (intensify their cooperation and discuss joint research projects).

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