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Furniture manufacturing – new programme of studies

Furniture manufacturing is a new programme of studies which will be launched at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in the academic year of 2014/15. Sixty people will be admitted to the programme in October.

Furniture Manufacturing is a first-cycle, full time programme that will be launched at the Faculty of Wood Technology. It was created as the answer to furniture industry need for specialist in this area. There are about 65 thousand furniture enterprises and 267 thousand of people employed in the industry.  The new study programme, and especially its curriculum, was discussed with the representatives of the largest enterprises of the furniture industry, such as  Fabryka Mebli Forte S.A, Bydgoskie Fabryki Mebli, Grupa Nowy Styl, as well as with employers dealing with [u1] equipment and machinery used for furniture manufacturing: Homag Polska, IMA Polska.

The furniture industry has been recognized as a priority for the economic development of Poland and requires strong support from higher education through which engineers who specialize in the furniture industry are trained. Students of the Faculty of Wood Technology of WULS-SGGW  participate in a programe of paid internships organized by companies. Many trainees receive full-time employment offers at the end of the internship. It was also this programme that indicated the need for a new field of study…

Furniture manufacturing programme is, to a large extent, interdisciplinary and related to the Wood Technology  programme  and ,to a lesser extent,  to programmes such as Materials Engineering, Design and Art conservation and restoration. The graduates of Furniture manufacturing will be prepared to work in the furniture industry, companies and trade delegations, design offices, research institutes and in vocational education.

Detailed information about the progremme can  be found at: Meblarstwo